Das Blaue Luftschloß d'Espagne

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Exhibition on site in blue house, (architect Thomas Urfer) in Schmitten, CH
coop with Magali Jordan and Marriane Martin
1. double dress, ink on cotton dress, hung on wall that covers two floors 2. "Eat me" table cloth, rayon slip dress sewn in cotton, draped over table, 3. "fernweh", ink on cotton dress, 4. detail "Fernweh", 5. "Blaustrümpfe/Bas-bleus" (Blue Stockings Society), stockings, shoe moulds, hung in spaces between kitschen and living room 6. and 7. "Tiles", ink on paper covered with plastic, bathroom, 8. "Blaubarts Schatzkammer" (Bluebeard's treasury), five dresses with antique keys inside and blue lights, cellar.